Quality Policy of the University of Granada

Quality Policy (Eng) (pdf)

The Quality Policy of the University of Granada responds both to the commitment of this public institution to excellence in the development of its functions and to its commitment to promoting a culture of quality that ensures responsibility, trust, transparency, oversight and continuous improvement.

The directives proposed in the European Higher Education Area to guarantee quality, the guidelines established in this regard by national and regional bodies, and the UGR 2031 Strategic Plan constitute the framework within which our University, as part of its strategic management plan, addresses quality assurance in all its areas of activity (teaching, learning, research, knowledge transfer, generation of culture, social commitment, and resource management), providing the necessary human, financial and technological resources to this end.

Academic freedom and integrity, university autonomy, gender perspectives, promotion of diversity, the implementation of inclusive and equitable practices, sustainable development, transparency, shared responsibility, and excellence constitute the backbone of quality management at the University of Granada.

The University's vision, set out in the UGR Strategic Plan, as well as in the major projects in which our institution will be involved over the next decade (UGR-DONES, UGR-AI, UGR-Sustainability, V Centenary Horizon and the Arqus Alliance), guide the definition of its quality assurance objectives. These include the following goals:
1. To promote a culture of quality and continuous improvement in the academic and administrative management and operations of the University.
2. To ensure agile, transparent and flexible governance models that promote the empowerment of university groups and that are committed to digitisation, entrepreneurship, collaboration, internationalization, sustainability, and academic integrity, in addition to the wellbeing of our teaching, administrative and technical staff.
3. To promote the leadership of the University of Granada in all its actions and services, driving processes of social, cultural and economic transformation.
4. To guarantee high-quality academic programmes that meet the demands of society, based on a teaching-learning model in which academic results ensure the personal and professional development of students and graduates.
5. To develop research excellence initiatives that are bound to innovation and knowledge transfer, social change, the promotion of national and international networks, and talent recruitment.Translated version: This document has been translated by the UGR’s Language Services Unit (Vice-
Rectorate for Internationalization). In the event of any conflict or discrepancy between any translated version
of this document and the Spanish language version, the Spanish language version shall prevail.

The quality assurance systems implemented at the level of degrees, faculties and schools, as well as at the level of UGR services, among others, are essential tools for achieving the aforementioned objectives. However, their usefulness is diminished if they are not supported by the entire university community, especially the individuals involved at the different levels of management.
The UGR Governing Team that I lead is committed to disseminating this Quality Policy, to ensuring that it is shared by the entire university community, and to establishing it as the University of Granada's roadmap for quality.

Granada, a 23 de junio de 2022.

Pilar Aranda Ramírez, Rectora de la Universidad de Granada.